Park City, Utah with Blogger Ammon Cunningham

Ammon CunninghamAmmon Cunningham has spent much time exploring Utah as an avid traveler and blogger. His love for travel as well as the state of Utah is constantly growing as he discovers more and more beautiful sites to explore and then share over his blogging. Over his time adventuring, Park City, Utah stuck out to him as a great travel spot. This is a spot that whether you are traveling with children or by yourself, there are many different elements to enjoy. While Utah is known for its outdoor sites, there is also the ever popular Park City. Park City is one of the top attractions to enjoy in Utah and Ammon Cunningham has taken advantage of his own knowledge and spent a great deal of time there.

The Park City, UT resort area is well known primarily for skiing and snowboarding, but don’t let that common knowledge fool you, there are plenty of other activities as well. It is also popular year-round for its other aspects like 400 miles of trails through the woods for hiking or biking as well as seasonal concerts and plays as a small example of some of the fun things to do there. The list of activities to enjoy at Park City, Utah could go on for days and that is why Ammon Cunningham recommends it so highly. He has enjoyed their historic Main Street which has open walking paths for local restaurants and shopping. No matter the interest, Park City, UT is a great adventure for all.